About Us

Welcome to Engineering Education Foundation

Engineering Education Foundation (EEF) was established in Pune in 1996 as a Public Trust. It is a voluntary Non Government Organization (NGO). It is the only establishment of its kind in the country committed to play a key role in growth, development and working for Quality & Excellence in Engineering Education, in India.

The Vision

Our vision is to be the leading national organizations working towards development of world-class engineering education, whose world will be respected and valued. It is also our objective to elevate engineering teaching to the status of a profession, so that engineering educator command due respect in society.

The Mission

Our mission is to ensure Quality and Excellence of world class standards so that engineering institutions in india can hold their own standard against competition from foreign universities. Since teachers in engineering institutions are mainly responsible for quality of education, teacher training naturally forms an important task of Engineering Education Foundation.
We aim at acting as the “Green House” which will sprout R & D, innovations and new ideas which will inspire engineering education institutions. We also intend to provide an independent forum for exchange of views on current scenario. Emerging challenges and future trends in engineering education.


More than 80% of our Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics in India are affiliated to University or Board. The aim of these institutes should be to discard the affiliation status and become autonomous; being a gateway opening on the highway leading to quality & excellence in Engineering Education.
Hence, the foundation will concentrate all its efforts to liberate all Engineering Institutes from clutches of affiliation status & help them to seek the autonomy or deemed University status, where they can grow and develop to meet the changing needs and requirements of the multiple customers and even to make them withstand and face in the global competitive market with courage and confidence.


1) In an educational system, the faculty is the key role player & any changes in the system can be brought about only by the faculty. Hence, staff & educational development must be given the top priority in any quality management system. The management must enable the faculty to become competent and committed professionals.
2) It is possible that an institution can be born with a quality spoon in the mouth. Attempts should be made when new institutions are established.
3) There should be at least one educationist on the Management of the institution, who should be well aware of the philosophy of total quality management?
4) Every institution must have...
a. Center of quality and excellence
b. Consortia of nearby engineering colleges and other engineering institutes.

These two concepts:
(a) and (b) have immense power and potential to bring out, an unimaginable change in the structure and working of the engineering education system itself.

Every institution must have a “Quality Cell” (WC) where it necessary that is the best thinkers of the faculty should be entrusted with the task of induction of quality, its maintenance and continuous enhancement and to advice the college on quality matters and ensures that the institution is working on path of quality and excellence. It needs to aim at national and global quality and excellence.