The Action plan :

Let each Engineering College have (a) Centre of Quality & Excellence (b) Consortia. We can call a meeting of the consortia of all the engineering colleges in the Pune city. Here, they can discuss their present plan of growth& development of the quality of engineering education and how it can be enhanced on continuous basis. This consortia of the 70 Engineering colleges in Pune will now have an identity which was not there, so far.

They can put forth their demands, may be for autonomy or deemed University. So within six month the 70 engineering Colleges in Pune city we have established their identity and develop their own Voice also put forth their demands and this will help them so walk along a path of Quality & Excellence. For this they will have to take up the task of the improvement of quality of education of the system itself.

By now Pune city Engineering colleges have established their identity and their developed their Voice. All the colleges in Maharashtra can follow the same path and establish their identity and develop their own voice putting forth their demands and growing together.

On the same lines, all states in India can establish their identity, develop their Voice and speak from one platform and thus we can think of consortia of Engineering Colleges of all the states in India bringing together 30 lakh faculty members of 30000 engineering colleges in India.